Monday, July 7, 2014

Becoming Missional

Recently, I took a 13-week class called Engage at my church.  I honestly signed up because I desired to grow deeper in my own personal relationship with the Lord--as I have been the beneficiary of His goodness & extraordinary provision.  I was surprised to find that the course had a very outward focus.

While I love community service and being involved in positive-change ventures, I really haven't been comfortable with sharing my own faith in everyday life. I was a bit nervous when we were challenged to share a new way of discovering truth with the people we encounter, but as the weeks went on, some really cool things started to happen.

Initially, I was amazed by how the Lord spoke to me and used His word--especially in our marriage. Then, I was offered a position working on a project with a ministry that serves working women and it was a blessing to have an easy way to start Christ-focused conversations, especially concerning the place where many of us spend most of our waking hours during the week.  And we were able to share the technique with others through the simple example and almost everyone we've shown was ministered to in the process.  It was really neat to see how God can use common people to teach the truth that resides in His guidebook--the Holy Bible.

After this journey, we continued to pray about how we would be used as a family.  We hoped to continue with a local youth ministry, but wanted to do more.  The Lord then provided a way for us to use our home to serve Him.  In my work and in this opportunity, things did not go the way that I expected.  But the more I dig into God's word, the more I see this is the case more than not. It can be discouraging in some ways, but if we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28), we can continue in His purpose without fear or defeat.  

And despite unmet expectations, that have already stretched me in a good way, I am praising Him for awakening our hearts to a holistically missional mindset.  I don't fully know what that looks like, but I do know that we don't have to wait until we travel abroad or even show up to volunteer with our church.  Becoming missional is something we can do everyday.  It's ensuring that our kids are taught God's word, it's recognizing that ALL things come from God and that we are merely stewards--including our time, it's stepping out into a conversation with a stranger or friend at work as the Holy Spirit leads--risking rejection because the cost of not sharing God's Love & freedom is too high.  And when uncommon opportunities with high risk come along, it's prayerfully doing what others might not do because you we are made perfect in our weakness.

Praise God!