Tuesday, November 8, 2016

When We Wake Up Tomorrow.

Today we get the chance to show up and choose the leader of our nation. For many, myself included, this day won't bring relief based on the candidate chosen. For Christians, it's not supposed to. We live in a world that is broken and no woman or man, outside of Christ, will be able to fix it and we know this.

We know that Jesus is the one who sets up governments and authorities and can use even the most evil leader in his sovereignty. Yet, we are called to be wise stewards of our resources and a vote is nothing to waste. So of course I voted.

I also realize that throughout history and in my own life, times of hardship and lack of godly leadership, have lead the people to rise up and make changes in their own hearts and lives. We're already living in a dark world--how much darker does it have to get before our hearts are stirred beyond simply voting. Yes voting is important, but we cannot stop there.

Psalm 20:7-8 reminds us:
Some nations boast of their chariots and horses,
but we boast in the name of the Lord our God. 
Those nations will fall down and collapse,
but we will rise up and stand firm.

I wrote my own poem that I hope is an encouragement to not dread tomorrow, but embrace the opportunity we have:

Tomorrow when we wake up
We won't let things go
The reality will settle in
But this time, we'll know

That no matter the ruler, 
we still have a choice. 
To let things stay the same, 
or to use our voice. 

When there's no cameras or spotlight, 
when the signs are all gone, 
may the banner over us, 
be one that is love. 

Because Love conquered death, 
and a vote cannot change. 
What God has secured, 
in Jesus's name. 

And maybe we'll continue, 
the practice of prayer. 
We'll wake up tomorrow
and begin to truly care. 

About the idols we've worshipped
the world we've created. 
The ways we've shown apathy
cannot be debated. 

Maybe tomorrow, 
we will finally wake up
and decide that this world 
will never be enough

We'll choose real life in the presence,
and take a media break. 
We'll spend our lives given, 
and worry not what we'll take. 

We'll worry not about inconvenience, 
we might even slow down. 
And notice the beauty, 
is still all around. 

In the friends we still have, 
who have hearts and fears. 
We'll share defeats and victories,
Laughter and tears. 

When we wake up tomorrow, 
let us not give up our fight
Though darkness may entrench us,
we must go shine His light. 

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