Friday, March 7, 2014

Broken, bound and blessed.

I can't pretend it's been easy, but maybe that's why it means so much to me. We both can say that we've seen days of better and for worse played out.  And I know that we're just beginning.  But what did we expect when you take two broken people, from broken families trying to fight the odds without fighting each other in order to do more than just make it work.

You get tears, you get periods of uncertainty and darkness.  You get long hugs and lots of apologies.  You start seeing your love as much more than a means to your happiness.  You find the opportunity to truly see a human as God sees him.  Faults, failures, hidden treasures and all.  You find ways to become a better you because your partner shines light on the areas where you need grace & God gives you the courage to address those places. You find peace and joy in dying to your self in order to glorify something that goes far beyond who you are, yet is near enough to make you realize who you can be.

You learn that broken cisterns can't hold water & that he will never fill what only He can. And when you fully grasp your brokenness is an invitation to come before your Savior, He can and will fill you up until you overflow with patience, kindness, contentment, discretion, humility, self-sacrifice, politeness, self-sacrifice, restraint, and forgiveness--without fail--because He is the source of love.

You get real, raw, ragged and refreshed.  And The Lord continues to refill your heart when you abide, because you know that on your own, all you care about is your own happiness.  But when you abide, you understand deep respect & the power it takes to submit.  He gets to love you by laying down his life. It's a very beautiful cycle.

It may look different for some, but that's what we've experienced in our beautifully broken, redemption-filled five years of marriage.

I wouldn't trade one single thirsty second for flaky, superficial satisfaction.  I want the real, awe-inspiring, humble love I get to chose every day. We may be broken, but we're blessed and what God has brought together, no man can unbind.

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