Thursday, February 13, 2014


Snow.  While it is rare in the South and causes mixed reactions among many, I marvel and enjoy its beauty.  For the second night in a row, the night sky--usually pitch dark in my wooded neighborhood--looks as bright as a new dawn making the time seem slower and the days seem longer.

As we enjoyed the fresh-laid snow last night, my son asked why the sky was so bright, making note that it usually wasn't this light outside at night. All day I had been thinking about the "snow" covering and how it transformed the view from a harsh wintery landscape to a pure new wonderland. In the same way that Christ covers my harsh, imperfect life and creates a sense of wonder and purpose in the land that once seemed desolate. Of course it's the snow white covering that reflects the existing light to produce a less bleak scenario.  Considering his inquisition, I also recalled how John the Baptist talked about reflecting Christ's light.  I responded by sharing both facts.

May we realize that when we are covered by His great grace, we can reflect His light, which reveals truth and direction in even the darkest of nights. 

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