Saturday, February 1, 2014

Be still

Anyone who knows me, knows that I stay busy. Always churning ideas, getting involved, doing something. 

That something used to be fulfilling my career goals, dreaming of business ideas and trying them out and engaging in my community through leadership & service in local nonprofits. 

All the while I was raising and making babies and trying to juggle. But then I stepped out of the boat and on to the water to walk toward Jesus and He has allowed me to make little fisherman--at least for a season--despite my inadequacy. And anyone who has babies-especially three-knows that things are constantly humming. No quiet ever. 

So as I have continued to pray for wisdom in the upcoming season of my life. He Speaks:

Oh how hard it is to Be Still. When you're so conditioned to movement. It may even be painful to stop. 

But God has called me to Stop Striving.  So that I can know Him better.  And recognize that He is the ruler of all the Heavens & Earth.  Including my life. He is to be exalted. 

And the significant trappings of busyness will grow dim as the amazing light of his glory overpowers the present circumstance & prepares my heart for things to come. 

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