Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Realizations & hopes

This year, like many others, I tried to think of a few attainable resolutions that went beyond fitting into a smaller dress size into territory that affected more lives than my own. In the middle of last year, I began practicing a bit early and I do believe it's beneficial to start "today" rather than waiting for the perfect timing. With almost six months of small life changes under my belt, I ring in 2014 with realizations versus resolutions and hope that this year may be even better than the last. Here are the changes that I hope to carry into 2014 (not in order of importance):

-multitask less & fully enjoy fleeting moments 
-remember my very first love & seek to reignite the scandalous romance with Him (break out the Gospels & indulge in His goodness)
-less sarcasm, more sincerity 
-spend a lot of time with people who inspire me.
-spend time with people who need to be Inspired
-eat foods that leave me feeling terrific & leave foods alone that don't
-workout like your partying with your best friends & never turn down a party with the kids before bedtime.
-do good work, not guilt work or busy works
-give more
-fear less 

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