Wednesday, November 20, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: So Many Things (Catch up edition)

Day 14

On the 14th, I got to visit a place that I am interested in opening in Chattanooga & had conversation with a few people who were supportive of my business idea.  Ultimately, my goal is to build a company that is good for the community, provides meaningful work for others, and most importantly allows me to provide for my family financially without giving up the ability to be physically present when they need me most.

I am grateful for possibility, practical opportunities that meet needs and for God's talents and vision that he has given me to execute His calling.  Over the coming days, I have several meetings to determine next steps & to pray about this particular direction.  Hopefully, this time next year, it will be abundantly clear that I followed Christ's calling through my work.

Day 15

Hospitality.  I can't say enough about the blessing it is to be hosted by a friend while away from home.  Hotels are nice, but enjoying the company of friends that you don't often see & experiencing life as they do, is a blessing.

I appreciate the ladies who have hosted me over the last two trips.  I hope to be able to extend the same hospitality to others in the near future--in fact, we have purchased a sleeper sofa and changed rooms around so that we can offer our home as a place to stay for friends who come to visit Chattanooga.   I can't wait to have visitors soon!

Day 16

Birthdays.  I love birthdays and believe that they should always be celebrated.  On the 16th, we celebrated a friend's son & finally had the opportunity to catch up with his parents.   In the busyness of life, birthdays are a good reason to come together and remember the people that are important in our lives.  They are also a great time to reflect on the past year(s).  I am grateful for special days and each day of life that Christ offers is a gift!

Day 17

We are grateful for our church and church family.  While it's an imperfect place, I appreciate the truth that is shared straight from God's Word and the family of believers who we get to do life with.  Church was once a place where I felt I had to clean up to step foot in.  Now, I see it as a place where I can come and lay down the concerns and burdens of this life in order to give thanks and worship our King for the creation of this world and for the ultimate sacrifice He made to save my soul.

This week's sermon was about David & what happened when he quit living on his own devices and sought God's face.  When I turned away from my old life & to Christ, He blew my mind with blessing, joy and hope.  I am grateful for Pastor Frank's teaching that reminded me of this moment & the closeness felt by remembering his great grace.  I am fervently praying for friends and family who are deceived by life's treasures and empty promises.  I hope that they can come to fully know Christ's love, acceptance and plan for their lives as well.

Day 18
Things passed down.  Today I painted a table that used to be my grandmother's table.  It was the table that my family used for Thanksgiving and Christmas all throughout my childhood.  While I do not particularly love the design, I like that I can use something that once belonged to someone special to me.  I am thankful for the significance and love that I received from my grandparents--in addition to the skills they taught me.

Day 19
Amazing sunsets

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