Wednesday, November 20, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: My Teammate.

I can't decide what's hotter: a man in uniform or a man who can work with his hands.  Good thing I don't have to pick.  Today my husband worked from 9am yesterday to 2pm today with 1.5 hour nap around 9pm last night.  AND it was some serious work-pressure washing by day/cleaning up the streets by night/scraping the ceiling and sides of a 2 story building for hours to prep for painting.  I have one heck of a man!

BUT, I have to write this down so that I can remember how freakin' awesome he is--almost super human.  Because despite how starry-eyed I am right now, I can get SO mad at him for taking a nap on a regular day or for disappearing on a jog with the dogs while I'm cleaning up after the kids.  It's the little stuff that gets us in a rut and the unity and amazing energy we felt while caulking joints in a hundred year old house is so easily forgotten.

I truly am thankful for the teammate that I have in my husband.  I don't want to pretend to portray a perfect marriage to a perfect man, because it's far from that.  But, I do have an extraordinary lover that won't let me go to bed angry, co-parents our kids equally and effectively, humbly seeks God's wisdom, values my opinion, has a heart for others…I could go on and on… and I will.  Over time, I want to continue to document the positive in our relationship.  Because it is worth celebrating and fighting for when we feel like it isn't.

AND, he was worth doing singleness differently for.  Waiting for the guy that reminded me of Christ instead of Colin Farrell was worth it.

Today I am grateful for my teammate in life & marriage--I love my husband!

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