Monday, November 25, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: Lessons in giving

Day 24
United Way of Chattanooga hosted a Family Volunteer day last Saturday. While my oldest boy genuinely understood the meaning of giving & created a sincere card for a soldier, I wasn't sure that my daughter would really know what it meant to give yet--until we went through the line where you could make a bag of goodies for homeless people.

When she saw the smorgasbord of treats, her eyes lit up. "Oh yummy, I want that and that and that..."  Cue lesson in selflessness and giving. 

After a brief tantrum, we talked about people who didn't have food. She responded with promising grunts and dried up her face. I consider it a breakthrough, albeit a small one. 

For this mama, dragging all three kids to the mall on a cold Saturday was so worth it after we left. We had some great conversation and long naps (for the kids) followed. Isn't almost unfair how learning to give ultimately blesses the giver's spirit so deeply? 

Today I am thankful for the United Way and other organizations willing to facilitate giving and investing in the character development of our children as well. 

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