Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: Inheritance

Day 7 

I finally plowed through the first episode of Downton Abbey and became a true fan of the show that all of my friends have been talking about. I love the grandeur of the house, the traditions of the family and the respect and integrity that the staff have.

While it's fun to think about such a life, I don't envy the constraints and issues that appear along with the wealth and power in the show. There is always a trade off when possessing worldy treasures and position. This is evident in my reading in Titus tonight. 

Much of the plot of the show revolves around heirship and inheritance. When an unlikely heir is a game-changer and a love story promising salvation crumbles and is redeemed, I could only think of my own unlikely heirship as a daughter of our king & continuing through Titus, I read truth about my own inheritance. 
Today I am so very thankful for the love story between a King and His rebellious daughter who thought she knew best-- but only found joy when He offered His great grace. 

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