Sunday, November 3, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: Faithfulness

Day 2

Posted a day late, but it is totally indicative of the kind of day that I had yesterday.  I woke up in a funk with a headache which set the motion for the day.  Despite my efforts to revive the day, it continued to veer far away from the spirit of gratitude that I was trying to cultivate.  

But isn't that how it usually works?  We depend on our own strength & attempt to "power through." 

I conjured up enough strength to get through the day, but was terribly ungrateful and weary by the time that we arrived at church where we were set to serve in the children's ministry.  Thankfully, God showed Himself faithful & spoke to me there through the children that I was supposed to "teach" & the lesson we were reviewing.  

Despite my failures and lack of faith and dependence, God is still there. Waiting on my to let Him carry my load.  Waiting on Him to fill me with His joy.  He's faithful to complete the good work He has begun. 

I am grateful for his never-ending faithfulness & spirit within me that fills me with all that I need. 

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