Sunday, November 17, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: Back to reality, Back to gratitude

Ahhhh… Home sweet home.

After a terrific trip to Washington, D.C. I am grateful that I get to come home to my three children and the wonderful man that kept them alive and happy over the past week (while our house was turned upside down by a construction project=brownie points.)

During my trip, I tried to keep up my gratitude postings because I was hyper-aware of so many reasons to be grateful, but all that I managed to do was post half-coherent writings after my futile attempts to adapt to a 5am alarm clock with over 6 miles of walking each day.


I will be playing catch up this week.  Starting right now…

Today I am very grateful for rest.  Typically I refuse Sunday naps, but with one super cute, but cranky teething toddler and one theatrical princess full of song and dance, I needed a power nap today.

And tonight I will go to sleep right after I finish this paragraph.  Rest is good for the brain.  So I will allow my brain to have a treat so that I can find a way to untangle all of the goodness that happened this week in addition to following through with some next steps that I am now ready to pursue.  Until tomorrow...

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