Monday, September 9, 2013

Your Mom Goes to College

In efforts to cultivate a well-balanced Life By Design, I have managed to cram my schedule full again.  I decided to take my first MOOC class online after reading rave reviews on it.  As a lover of life-long learning, I have been wanting to give my brain a workout lately, but with three kiddos, it's a challenge finding a way to make it happen.  So far, the course is interesting & I am engaged.  However, I had to choose catching up on lectures versus doing my daily blog last night.

While I don't get class credit, I really love the idea of MOOCs.  Ten years after I entered college, I'm just now seeing it as more of a tool than a path to getting a certificate.  While I believe grades and diplomas are an effective way of measuring ability & commitment,  so far I believe that MOOCs are an equally effective way of learning without the high cost associated with obtaining a degree.

As I was taking my class last night, my husband glared over at the sink full of dishes, reminding me of my assignment in Momology 101.  So if my blog challenge fails, it's because this mom is going to "college" while aiming for a C+ in Momology.  Hopefully Foundations of Business Strategy will teach me how to decrease the demands of my kids while increasing my supply of energy.  Wishful thinking, huh!?!?

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