Sunday, September 1, 2013

Believing in the Unthinkable

Last night, my alma mater suffered a narrow defeat as the college football season began.  It was a good game, but disappointing to end up with a L at the end of the long night.  Dabo Swinney, Clemson's coach, gave parting remarks that beating Georgia, a top-ranked team, is "only unthinkable if you don't think it."  Although it stunk to lose our first game of the season, I smiled for just a moment as I have been blessed to be on this journey that I didn't think was possible just a few months ago.

When I felt led to leave my job, financially it did not make sense for me to do it.  I was fortunate to be in a position with a great company that offered solid benefits and growth opportunities.  It would be unthinkable to walk away from that in this economy.  That's what others kept telling me & our family budget simply could not work on one income due to student loans and other expenses that we could not cut or reduce; however, I couldn't help but wonder what investments of my time would yield higher-value returns for my family & future.  I prayed about the decision with my husband and after a few months, he encouraged me to take a leap of faith and explore my passions while getting other areas of my life, especially our home, in order.

 When I put my notice in, my husband graciously agreed to pursue extra jobs in order to keep us in the black.  I questioned whether that would be for the best, because I am a firm believer in having both parents share the responsibilities and rewards of raising a family together; however, I was grateful for his offer to make this sacrifice.  The week I turned in my notice, we received an email that someone was interested in possibly buying our former home that wasn't even on the market. Typically I wouldn't have put much faith in a simple inquiry as my experience in the real estate world told me that it was a far cry from a sure deal & that it could take months to close. Except this time, I was willing to be faithfully optimistic.  The following week, some clients that I had worked with for months called me out of the blue and said that they were ready to move forward.  I left work having experienced my best month in sales.  God totally blew my mind & confirmed that this was the right decision.

Fast forward three months and I still think I'm in the middle of my unthinkable.  I initially saw myself as a "career woman" and now my days are spent managing my domestic domain.   I believe that my initial "thinking"limited the scope of what I was able to accomplish at home.  Because I felt I was missing the mark at home, I began to resent my time spent doing something that may take years to pay off while missing out on precious years with my kids that I would never get back.  I believe this kind of thinking isn't just prevalent amongst moms, I believe that society boxes us in and pegs us as either domestic or "driven." (Bear with me while I work through this).  I believe that you can be both--and be top-notch at both.  I didn't find the way to do it in my former position, but it inspired me to do more to create local opportunities for other parents to have the ability to have a more full life.  I am constantly thinking of ways to make this a reality here.

So as my journey continues, I'm going to continue to pursue God's bigger purpose for my life & believe that His ways are higher and bigger than I can comprehend at times.  It's empowering to know that He can make the Unthinkable a reality!

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