Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baron's Birth Story

A letter to my Baron, on your birthday:

Your pending arrival came as a welcome surprise as I awaited a more bleak prognosis after passing out and going to the ER.  You certainly made an impression from the very start.  A doctor walking in with a grin; he must have known you would bring so much joy to our lives.  I forgot about the other issues I was having and was overjoyed to know we would welcome another blessing into our home.

Your brother was so excited to find out about you.  Your sister was a little unsure, but she was small so that was to be expected.

Healthy Apple Pie

While I felt a normal sickness early on, I quickly learned tips and tricks that didn't quite work before. I guess the third time was the charm.

After my tummy-aches subsided, I started to crave veggies and healthy foods again.  I was familiar with this type of pregnancy, as your older brother brought on similar cravings.  I said from the start that I was having a boy, but I was warned that those "feelings" could be wrong...

But they weren't.  Dad found out that you were going to be a boy at 16 weeks (but I knew from the beginning remember).  We tossed around a few names.  Daddy wanted to carry on the family tradition with his full name, but I couldn't imagine you as an IV. However, I think Daddy's pretty awesome so it didn't take much convincing to name you after him.  We compromised with Montague as your middle name.

I had the name Noble picked out as a favorite a few years before, but it didn't seem to flow with your middle name, so we considered names that meant noble as a man of noble character was something we hoped to inspire.  When we read that Baron meant noble or a warrior, we knew that was the name for you.  Then someone asked if we would spell it "Barren."  At first I thought of the desolate meaning of barren; However, in my Bible reading that night, I came across a verse that reminded me that in my most "barren" times, it was Christ that met me where I fell short and filled me with the strength I needed.  I could envision you as a future warrior, times when you would be a man of great character and times where you may feel empty and desperately seeking God's strength.  This brought joy and anticipation to my heart.
This are getting a little cramped around here  

My pregnancy continued and as a family we prepared for your coming arrival which meant moving in order to have room for you.  We changed homes, zip codes, Jax changed schools just in the nick of time.  While unpacking boxes, I felt my first contractions and anxiously prayed that you would hold off just a little longer.  Strangely, I started feeling stronger contractions beginning at week 36.  By week 38, I was positive that you would not wait another week.  I had a couple of false alarms where I didn't end up going to the hospital, but I timed them and all signs indicated I was in full labor.  The reality is, you were just getting me ready to welcome you at just the right time. 

30 Weeks
On the 24th, I prayed that God would bring you that day or the next.  I was getting no sleep and I couldn't wait to meet you.  That night, I was ready for you to arrive and disappointed when you didn't.  The last few weeks are so hard for mamas anxious to meet the amazing little swimmer in their tummies.  Strangely, that night all of my contractions stopped for the first time in weeks. I woke up feeling out of sorts the next morning.  No movement at all.  Considering we thought of you as a little gymnast because you always moved so much, I panicked for a moment and woke your father up to pray.  We prayed over you and I hopped in the shower to relax.

September 20-5 days before your birthday (last pregnancy pic)
When I got out of the shower, I was feeling some serious contractions and told Daddy to get ready to leave.  I called my Doctor and your Ommy arrived.  I threw the stuff in the car and we headed out.  When we got to the hospital, I was in some serious pain.  I barely made it to the room.  The nurses were ready for shift change and my doctor was no where to be found.  They reassured me that it would be a little while (did I mention it was time for shift change). I checked in around 6:15. By 6:45, I reassured them that you would be making your way into the world in just a few short minutes.

The nurses again urged me to wait, but being the stubborn mommy that I am sometimes, I asked the doctor to get ready because I couldn't wait any longer.  At this point, I was in some ridiculous, imma-kill-somebody pain and although I vowed to skip the pain relief, I begged for it.  They said it was too late.  I cried a little, but with a few short pushes, you made your way into the world with barely enough time for the on-call doctor to slip on her gloves and catch you.  It went from mega-intense to pure amazement as I got to hold you and see your little face for the first time.  You were born at 7:03 a.m. and were 7 lbs. 1 oz.

I know that God knit you together to be our wonderful little warrior and gentle nobleman.  We are so blessed to be your parents and your brother and sister adore you.  (Eden worried us when mommy was pregnant, but she was a natural adoring sister the moment you arrived--we're not sure it will last until your next birthday though).  I spent almost the entire first month of your life holding you 24/7 and I don't regret it one bit.  I was so blessed to have that time with you.  Your daddy was such a big help and friends, new and old came to welcome you and bless our new family of 5 with delicious meals and treats.

We are so blessed to bring you into a village of friends who have prayed for you and will continue to pray and guide you alongside us.  We dedicated your life to the Lord because He is your creator.  We hope that you make the decision to trust Him as your own personal savior when you understand the significance of His gift.  We promise to do all that we can to love each other the way that Christ calls us to do as your parents.  We promise to seek Christ to know how to lead you and help you discover your own unique gifts and purpose.  Baron, you are such a treat and I laugh with joy at your days to come.

Happy Birthday Baron!

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