Monday, September 30, 2013

30 Posts in 30 Days: Wrap-up

Over the last 30 days, I attempted to create 30 new blog posts.  The good news is, I created 32 posts.  The bad news is, I only published a little over half.  Between ideas that didn't pan out, and my apprehension about being ultra-transparent (I pulled some posts), I didn't finish as strong as I had hoped.  The good news is, I did do more than I had been doing.  Just this month, I have more than doubled fledgling blog readership. So growth in numbers & personal growth through the process.  I'll take it.

During this process, I've continued to think about the life changes that I have been making.  I have chronicled some of them and have been more intentional in others areas, in hopes of having something "to write home about" someday soon. I've been working on a whole life transformation and I feel like I'm gaining ground in some areas.

In other areas, I feel like I may have lost my way--but in reality, I believe you can only devote so much time to the changes you want to see, so you have to prioritize.  I'm still searching for a way to provide for my family financially and to create opportunities for other mamas that want to do the same--while prioritizing family first.  This is an area that I am a bit discouraged in, but I know that the true Omnipreneur has the power to guide me to wisdom in this area.

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