Monday, August 5, 2013

Invite the Incredible

Tonight I was able to join almost 300 members of my community for Fireside Talks, a TED-style event where some of the bright, bold young people I've been fortunate to spend the last two days with shared their incredible stories, along with some of Chattanooga's own incredible young people.  

So many thoughts are dancing in my head right now and I will confess that I am unable to communicate their true impact right now because I am running on little sleep; but I don't want to let this moment pass without recording some of the energy that is keeping me up & is sure to resurface in the days to come. 

It's been said in so many ways that surrounding yourself with inspiring positive people can help you become a better person.  I most certainly agree (and doubt that anyone disagrees).   On the flip side, getting stuck in the mundane, melancholy vacuum that life can be sometimes can inhibit you from being the best you.  Sometimes it's hard to escape that sucky cycle, but I challenge you to simply invite the incredible in your life.  Here are some lessons that I have learned over the past couple of years that have surfaced tonight, in no particular order. 

When given the opportunity to spend time with someone with a neat story--do it--even if it means that you have to stretch your time or rearrange your schedule to do it.  

Don't rely solely on yourself.  Our Creator blessed us with His presence and wisdom.  He also blesses us with other people.  These people will inspire us, challenge us, love us, hate us and all of this is good. 

Whatever you do, do it with excellence & diligence.  This invites the incredible. 

A compliment from someone who rarely agrees with you can make a significant impact.  

Learn to accept a compliment gracefully.  Don't downplay it, accept it as sincere and remember it next time you feel like giving up. 

Give you children freedom to pursue their passion & don't stand in their way. 

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