Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Beginning

This week has been a big week for me.  I was excited to be involved with planning and hosting a retreat with some impressive young visionaries who came in from all across the US (and Guatemala) to connect with their amazing peer network and spend some time in our great city.

The retreat was also planned to coincide with GigTank Demo Day where aspiring entrepreneurs culminate the completion of a multi-week opportunity to build revolutionary products by pitching their innovative ideas to investors and our community.  Between being surrounded by forward-thinking young people making bold moves and wasting no time, teams sharing ideas that could change the way we live & work, and the community that embraces and supports out-of-the-box thinkers, I feel like I've lived in a dream world.

But a part of me wrestled with some of my unmet expectations and unharvested dreams.  The successes I have achieved with facing dismal statistics seemed insignificant & I also questioned how I am raising my children. (Do I push them enough?  Do I give them enough freedom to be who they're supposed to be?) I felt so conflicted.   I was happy to hear that a few other friends involved in the project felt the same way.  So here I was feeling like a loser for a minute, but thankfully I didn't have time to sulk.  I had one day to knock out my to-do list & ensure that my son was prepared to get off to a great start this year in school.

Thankfully, that's what life does to us.  It keeps going.  We have these moments where we realize that our plans didn't turn out the way that we intended.  We missed the mark somewhere, but I'm convinced that some of us nailed it somewhere along the way as well.  Those sweet moments are the push that gives us hope; but if we dwell on them, they may be our only victories.  Every moment is another beginning.  A time where we can choose to do the things that we have always wanted to do.  Or we can choose to be happy with where we are at & work diligently with excellence where ever we are at the moment.

So for me, I was excited to wake up this morning and help my son get ready for school.  It's a new beginning for him.   The first year where he's not the new kid & after going to Fireside Talks with me, I think he's getting that learning sets the foundation for his future (and his ability to make some spending money ;) ).  This is a victory that I'll hold on to and remember as the year gets underway (and his desire to do homework wanes).  It's a new beginning for me because I can make the most out of our mornings because I'm not having to rush him out the door on the way to work.  I can be here for him in the afternoons, when his mind is fresh and full of stories about what he learned.  I can be diligent as a mom, for as long as I have to be home.

I'm grateful for this new beginning and the new beginnings to come.  I hope that I can continue to remember that whatever victory or defeat that yesterday had will come to pass and that another beginning is just a moment away.

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