Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting Deeper

It's been raining for the past five days.  Rain on the 4th of July is typically not ideal, but we made the most of it by tackling some projects at home as well as sending my car to the shop to get new tires since rainy roads are a strong reminder that slick tires can be dangerous.  Overall, we've enjoyed some quality family time since my husband was off for a few days.

Last night, we stayed home and listened to the church service because Jaxton was sleeping since he wasn't feeling well.  I was glad that I had the chance to hear it then & couldn't wait to share it with Jax this morning as well.  Calvary Chapel Chattanooga is our church home and we are blessed by the ministry it provides.  I have attended since May 2007.  It became my home after a time as a prodigal.  God has used this church to help me grow, but hearing the message yesterday convicted me that I need to go deeper.

A couple from France, Sa'id and Fatima, who were former Muslims shared their testimony of radical change.  Sa'id's passion was a beautiful representation of God in action.  They ended the message sharing about their mission to make disciples.  That's where it hit me that I am called to go deeper so that I can share my faith beyond a superficial way.  I am currently in the book of Daniel & feel like I am learning so much.  I am grateful for this renewed passion to be in God's Word.  If you are missing something in your life & thirsty for answers, get in the Word--you won't be disappointed.

Also, If you have some time & want to be blessed, I encourage you to check back in a few days at to hear this week's message.  Go to WORD > Current Teachings.  It is usually posted within a few days.   Check out some of the other great messages as well.

Although I'm looking forward to the sun coming out again, I'm grateful for this rainy weekend that prompted some needed change in my home & in my heart!  

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