Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 4: I need a vacation

I love getting the question: "How do you like staying at home?"  The truth is, this is one of my favorite seasons in life.  I have been able to make tremendous progress in setting up our home that we bought last Fall.  As a full-time working mom with an almost equally demanding nonprofit commitment, I had to do some major prioritizing for my family to function while hitting my professional and civic targets.

So after weeks of domestic bliss/craziness, I am ready to attack the next challenge of planning a family vacation.  Any parent with small children knows that a vacation with littles can be quite the task.  Considering the travel time, dietary needs, gear that makes it "easier" for parents and entertaining all ages, research can make all the difference.  Thankfully, the internet provides unlimited information so that you can be well-informed before making a purchase.  Unfortunately, that unlimited information also makes it more difficult to choose the best option because of the overwhelming amounts of marketing.  

We started our search with  Since we are no longer a two-income family, we have to be even more aware of our budget & stick to it.  A couple of years ago we had a wonderful vacation last-minute vacation for under $800 for a week with our family of 4--including a stay in a very nice condominium at Carillon Beach.  I was hoping to have the same luck, but I haven't found a deal that compares yet. 

We're looking for activities for the two older kids and easy meal options.  Someone suggested a cruise and that seems like a great option--however, from the time that I searched last night until today, prices have increased by $500.  There seems to be an art in which date you book (but I am fairly certain that internet cookies could have something to do with the pricing as well).  

I am determined to book something soon so that I can enjoy the anticipation without spending my precious days researching.  More to come. 

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