Monday, June 10, 2013

New Season, New Blog

Over the coming weeks, I am going to work to transfer over some of the posts from my private blog to this site.   I have enjoyed writing through certain seasons in my life & my private blog has allowed me to look back and remember how blessed we are--even in challenging times.  I am making some of the postings public so that I can share the blessings and challenges in our lives.

Today marks the beginning of the second week in my new season of investing in my home life & continuing the process of exploring a new direction for my career.   At the end of May, I left my job.  For the next 4 weeks, I will be wrapping up my role as president of a young professionals group here in Chattanooga & catching up on my "home" work.  The past week was good, but tough with all three kids being sick at some point.  Much of my time was spent in the house just cleaning up germy issues.  This week, everyone seems to be on the mend--except for Baron, who I'm almost certain is teething hardcore.

I am creating some plans & goals in order to be intentional and not let the days go by in a blur.  I'm also aware that living in the moment and enjoying the flexibility during this time is a beautiful gift as well.

I look forward to this season of fun & family.

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